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eConsulting Volleyball team

There is something we can boast about! We entered PlayVolley Volleyball League for companies! Now it’s time to work on our strategy to win this season’s competition!

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Lidia Szypulska

Salesforce meetup invitation

The second Salesforce meetup will take place on the 15th of October (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. and will be devoted to Digital Transformation – behind the Platform.

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Lidia Szypulska

Salesforce meetup invitation

The first Salesforce meetup, held by Bartosz Micianiec, will take place on the 21st of August (Wednesday) at 6 p.m. and will be devoted to Transformation of the Customer Service – behind the Service Cloud.

We count on your registration and presence!

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Lidia Szypulska

Invitation to a webinar: How to mitigate risk in validating Cloud Solutions?

We invite you to join our free of charge webinar, in which you’ll get to know how we can help you to manage risk in validating Cloud Solutions and how to use cloud services in your organization.

Tuesday, 13.08.2019 at 3 p.m. GMT+2
Tuesday, 13.08.2019 at 8 p.m. GMT+2

1 hour

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During the webinar, you’ll find out:

What is a Cloud Solution?
Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Solutions’ usage
Computer System Validation methodology for Cloud Solutions
Risk related to Validation of Cloud Solutions
Case study: Risk Management for a cloud-based data exchange system
Lidia Szypulska

eConsulting at the Salesforce Trailblazer Events 2019 – Transform Service into Customer Success

In the last few months we set out to meet the pioneers from large enterprises and medium-sized businesses at the European Salesforce Basecamps.

We were in Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich and Dublin to get inspiration and meet the ever-growing Salesforce CRM community.

Salesforce is announcing the 4th Industrial Revolution. We can currently see that networking customer experiences and interactions is the real driver.

Companies want to change and therefore they look for solutions to make it right. They digitize their processes to better serve and understand their customers.

However, they should not make the mistake of converting the current processes 1 to 1 into digital processes, but must seize this opportunity to establish and map process innovations in a customer-centric manner. 

Only those, who manage to do this right, will emerge stronger from the digital transformation and offer their customers a long-term experience to fulfil all their needs, motives and wishes. 

Salesforce is fully committed to the Service Cloud as the central point of contact with the customer. At this point you can understand your customer, learn from him, inspire him and show new product innovations. It’s a change of perspective from “What they buy to how they buy.”

If you would like to find out more how eConsulting supports its customers with the Salesforce Service Cloud, please contact us at

Filip Okrój

Short report from the ISPE conference, Dublin 2019

ISPE Annual conference in Dublin 2019

ISPE Annual conference in Dublin Last week our ecvalidation representant Hanna had an opportunity to participate in ISPE Annual conference in Dublin.

This was a great time, filled with interesting and instructive lectures and discussions, as well as valuable networking.

Many important topics were raised during the meetings. Along with such topics as: innovations, messages from regulators, dataintegrity, progress, # Pharma4.0s, certainly, the issue of Brexit raised the most questions and doubts.

To sum up, still, the main priority for all related to validation remained: quality, quality, quality!

Special thanks to all organizers and volunteers from ISPE! It was their hard work, that made this event possible.

Our cooperation with ISPE will definitely be continued.

Filip Okrój

The XXII Fair of Work and Internships for IT Professionals and Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology

eConsulting took part in the XXII Fair of Work and Internships for IT Professionals and Electronics organized by the Warsaw University of Technology, which took place on March 5, 2019.

The event attracted crowds of students looking for a work or internship in companies operating in the IT area.

At the eConsulting stand, students had the opportunity to learn about our recruitment offer, talk about development opportunities in our company and learn about the technologies we implement.

In addition to representatives from the recruitment and HR department, at the fair there were also specialists – members of our team, Cornerstone OnDemand, who shared their own project experiences with the students.

The meeting during the fair at the Warsaw University of Technology resulted in further recruitment meetings.

 The XXII Fair of Work and Internships for IT Professionals and Electronics at the Warsaw University of Technology

Filip Okrój

eConsulting “no sugar challenge”

A group of colleague from our Warsaw office, in January, took up the challenge: a diet without sugar for 30 days. We persevered, but not without mishaps, for which there was a fine of 5 PLN (for each eaten sweetness).

In the end, we collected quite a sum of money, for which we decided to support the dogs and cats staying in “Przytulisko in Jadów” animal shelter.

Pets will receive a lot of delicacies, new blankets, collars and other gadgets.

We encourage everyone to similar initiatives and support those in need. We’re just planning another challenge.

eConsulting "no sugar challenge" - company charity event

Filip Okrój

Knowledge management in the cloud – free conference

In cooperation with our official partner, Cornerstone OnDemand, we are organizing a conference entitled „Knowledge management in the cloud”. Cornerstone is a software provider of cloud-based solutions compliant with SaaS model that supports employee development, training and HR processes in enterprises. This event is dedicated mainly for C-level and senior managers of HR and IT departments in large companies. During the conference you will find out:

  • What are the latest standards for knowledge management in an organization
  • How does the system support the development of employees
  • What are the capabilities of Cornerstone OnDemand
  • How to effectively implement and manage systems that support employee training processes

One of the presentations during this event will be led by Kamil Kerth, the head of eC department responsible for the support of Cornerstone users in one of the our client’s environment.

The conference will take place on September 20th in the Warsaw Spire (38th floor). Start at 10 pm. Participation in the conference is free after registration on

See you in September!

Knowledge management in the cloud Cornerstone OnDemand

Filip Okrój

eConsulting became an official partner of 8. Congress of World of Pharmaceutical Industry

eConsulting become an official partner of 8. Congress of World of Pharmaceutical Industry (8. Kongres Swiata Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego), an international conference dedicated to drug manufacturers and producers of machinery, laboratory equipment as well as solutions providers for pharmaceutical industry. It is one of the most important events of its kind in Poland. The conference will be held on 15-17 November in Ożarów Mazowiecki.

During the Congress we will show for the first time to the broad audience our brand ecvalidation which is our team of validators, which expands to 15 people. At the conference, our members of the team will give a short presentation under the title. „Outsourcing of IT systems validation and qualification of production systems”, which will bring the most important aspects of the use of outsourcing in the process and maintaining quality in the pharmaceutical industry. The presentation will take place on November 15 at 12:15. After the presentation we invite you to eConsulting stand, where Michał and Kamila will gladly answer any question.

eConsulting a partner of 8. Congress of World of Pharmaceutical Industry