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Inspire your workforce and maximize your profits with Cornerstone OnDemand HCM suite

Business is driven by nourishing employees and their talent needs. HCM systems provide a convenient framework for onboarding, managing, engaging and skilling your workforce.  However, you should be sure to pick the best platform for maximum results. According to Fosway 9-Grid analysis, few can compete with the Cornerstone OnDemand learning suite.

Companies grow with the skills of their people. Arranging the right conditions for fostering employee talent and engagement is among the primary drivers of business success. If it feels like a challenge – it shouldn’t. With a top-level SaaS platform, human capital management is neat and easy. When it comes to top-level, there’s hardly any solution that compares to the learning suite provided by Cornerstone OnDemand, with whom we, as eConsulting, proudly partner.

Cornerstone’s learning system is the top choice according to Fosway’s 9-Grid in-depth research

Independent research, conducted by Fosway Group, acknowledges Cornerstone as a strategic leader in the field of learning technology. According to Fosway’s 9-Grid in-depth analysis, Cornerstone’s suite for human capital management is unparalleled for its scope, capability and sophistication. It’s also a top-shelf solution based on performance, including friendly user experience– particularly with regard to corporate customers.

It’s worth to stress that Cornerstone’s platform is an advanced system integrating a wide array of traditional and next generation learning approaches. Whereas, many solutions are narrowly specialized and focused on just one area of workforce skilling or management. In practical terms, this means that Cornerstone’s suite – as opposed to single-domain solutions – is capable of covering a whole spectrum of an organization’s HCM needs.

Choose the best learning suite for the best business results

Deciding on the right learning system provider and platform is of strategic importance for a business that wants to thrive in the time of digital transformation and economic crisis brought forth by current work environment limitations and new order of business. Proper onboarding, managing, skilling and engaging employees are is crucial for the evolution and long-term success of a company. According to Fosway’s study, the majority of organizations can expect to increase their investment in learning systems in the coming year, while the rest will at least stick to the current level of outlay.

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Lidia Szypulska

Happy Holidays from eConsulting team!

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

Taking this opportunity, eConsulting team would like to wish all of you a magical, joyful Christmas with your family and friends, and a prosperous New Year!

This year we’re making a donation to the “Rainbow” Association for Children and Youth in Krasnystaw, Poland in your honor. This donation will contribute to the improvement of children living conditions and mental health.

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Meet CODI (Cornerstone OnDemand Information)

Have you heard about CODI? Cornerstone OnDemand Information (CODI) is a free weekly call to answer your questions regarding CSOD functionality/configuration and collaborate with our experts. To register for webinar, please go to for details! 

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eConsulting is sponsoring Convergence!

eConsulting is sponsoring online Convergence #CSODConf20 organized by CornerstoneOnDemand on 16-17 September!

Our consultants will be available on chat during the whole conference so do not hesitate to talk to us!

We can’t wait to meet you there!

Register for this free online event here: /

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Join our webinar on 29 June 2020: How to mitigate risk in validating Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions are more and more popular today, but what do You really know about this concept? If You use cloud solutions or would like to use them, learn more and join us on June 29 at 2 PM GMT +2. 

During the webinar You will learn, among others:

– What is a Cloud Solution?
– Advantages and disadvantages of using cloud solutions
– Computer system validation methodology for cloud solutions
– Risk related to validation of cloud solutions

Join us and check if Cloud Solutions is a good solution for You!

Click and sign up:

Participation is free!

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Webinar invitation: How to mitigate risk in validating Cloud Solutions?

Due to the current situation, many of us work from home. This is the time of change and new challenges. We believe it is also a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and train yourself.

This is why we decided to repeat our most popular webinar: „How to mitigate risk in validating Cloud Solutions?”. The webinar is free of charge, and you can listen to it on Wednesday, 25.03.2020 at 3 p.m. You are welcome to join us and to share this invitation!

Click here to register!

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Can’t travel to a manufacturer’s facilities?

Can’t pick up a machine or inspect it?

We have a solution!

We will arrange FAT /SAT for you

Our ecvalidation team has developed a solution for the purpose of the current epidemiological situation. We have created procedures that will allow you carry out the required FATs/SATs in a validated environment and our experts will issue an opinion for you that will help you make your decision on machine acceptance.

Get in touch with us today and ask for more details!

phone: +48 71 733 63 60



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Invitation for webinar: How to prevent cross-contamination in clean production areas?

How to prevent cross-contamination in clean production areas?   

We’ll talk about it with Bogusz Bobrowski on the 4th of February.

During the webinar you’ll find out:

  • What is the newest MHRA and EMA approach regarding cross-contamination?
  • How to identify the potential causes of cross-contamination?
  • How to scientifically prove that preventive measures are sufficient to avoid cross-contamination?
  • What key issues were demonstrated during MHRA inspections regarding cross-contamination?

Click HERE to register!

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ecvalidation team at the CSV conferences in Cork, Ireland and Philadelphia, USA

Our ecvalidation team was really busy this autumn attending many conferences, among which there were 2 conferences abroad: Computer Systems Validation & Data Integrity Compliance Congress in Cork, Ireland (25-27 November) and the other in Philadelphia, USA (9-11 December). These events were organized by KENX organization which offers a wide range of interactive conferences in the life sciences industry.

As a platinum sponsor of these events, the ecvalidation team had a chance not only to welcome people at their stands but also to hold 2 presentations during each conference: one about risk mitigation when validating cloud solutions and the other one about testinig as a risk mitigation tool.

‘We were happy to meet with our customers, present ecvalidation’s offer and share our knowledge during two lectures we prepared. We were also surprised with a great attendance during our two speeches. We met and talked with some potential companies and we’re really looking forward to starting cooperation with them next year to expand globally with our validation services.’- said Michał Timler, Validation Business Leader.

Lidia Szypulska

eConsulting at the HR Solutions Trends conference in Warsaw

Jarosław Dąbrowski, Sales Manager from Cornerstone team at eConsulting took part in HR Solutions Trends conference on 4 December in Warsaw. The conference included current trends in HR , as well as HR management strategies, HR challenges, effective solutions and amendments in the Labour Code. Moreover, modern IT solutions for HR employees were presented during the conference while industry experts and HR directors were willing to share their knowledge and experience.

The conference met our expectations as we managed to meet and talk to companies that are interesting for us. Therefore, we consider our company’s participation in this conference next year but this time with a lecture to bring Cornerstone even closer to the audience.’ – said Jarosław Dąbrowski, Sales Manager from Cornerstone team at eConsulting.

See more information about the conference: