In the last few months we set out to meet the pioneers from large enterprises and medium-sized businesses at the European Salesforce Basecamps.

We were in Hamburg, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich and Dublin to get inspiration and meet the ever-growing Salesforce CRM community.

Salesforce is announcing the 4th Industrial Revolution. We can currently see that networking customer experiences and interactions is the real driver.

Companies want to change and therefore they look for solutions to make it right. They digitize their processes to better serve and understand their customers.

However, they should not make the mistake of converting the current processes 1 to 1 into digital processes, but must seize this opportunity to establish and map process innovations in a customer-centric manner. 

Only those, who manage to do this right, will emerge stronger from the digital transformation and offer their customers a long-term experience to fulfil all their needs, motives and wishes. 

Salesforce is fully committed to the Service Cloud as the central point of contact with the customer. At this point you can understand your customer, learn from him, inspire him and show new product innovations. It’s a change of perspective from “What they buy to how they buy.”

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