The DataOps approach aims to accelerate the production of applications operating on large data processing platforms. Like DevOps, DataOps strives to break silos into IT operations and programming teams encouraging business stakeholders to collaborate with data engineers and analysts, so that any data in the organization could be used in the most flexible and efficient way to arrive at a positive business result.

eConsulting’s DataOps competence center includes many areas of information technology, inter alia:

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data creation

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data transformation

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data extraction

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data quality assurance

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data management

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data access control

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capacity calculation and planning

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system operations


Collaborating with eConsulting means handling all data operations. You can be assured clients are provided with data on time and it is of good quality.
We provide continuous support for scalable, corporate database systems and data warehouses.
We offer support for routine ETL operations and related technologies (virtualization, integration, etc.).

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