The implementation of complex IT system dedicated to human resources management, and in particular, targeted to thousands, and even tens of thousands of users, constitutes a significant challenge for every single organization. As Cornerstone OnDemand official partner, eConsulting co-operates with its clients in order to simplify the process of implementation and operation of the HCM systems.

Our offer of business consultancy and system maintenance is focused on providing support to our clients in reaching the business requirements and goals, as well as the assumed ROI. We stand out by our service of system maintenance in GxP environment system in validated state.

Our Human Capital Management team is a global leader within a regulatory space in operations, implementation, integration and consulting services for the Cornerstone OnDemand system.
In order to meet the needs of our clients, we also provide services of other solutions, inclusive of Workday and SuccessFactors.

Some of the comprehensive solutions and modules in support of the training processes, in which we specialize, are as follows:

diament eConsulting

Cornerstone Recruiting Suite

diament eConsulting

Cornerstone Learning Suite

diament eConsulting

Cornerstone Performance Suite

diament eConsulting

Cornerstone HR Suite


CONSULTATIONS (analysis of requirements and modelling of processes)

Identification of solutions in accordance with the assumed business objectives:

As part of this service, we analyse the needs of our clients in the scope of HR business processes and of their support through the application. We identify the business objectives and adapt the solutions to individual requirements of the clients.

As part of stage one, our consultants are going to demonstrate the feasibilities and the functionality of the solution, they shall make available the trial version of the platform and perform the pre-implementation analysis. The performance of analysis shall let us determine the business objectives and most of all adapt the solution accordingly to the corporate needs. The entire analysis stage completed satisfactorily, shall increase to a great extent the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the very system.


We realise the entire process of implementation, inclusive of the integration of the system, configuration of modules and of the parameters of application, as well as migration of data and contents.

The eConsulting team is in charge of the comprehensive process of implementation of acquired solution This process can be split up into 4 fundamental stages:

  • designing the solution to suit the individual needs and requirements of clients
  • preparation of desirable configuration of the solution
  • integration with databases and other systems
  • migration of data and contents

Our team is also in charge of several activities with the object of ensuring the quality and stability of the operation of the system and of the implemented solutions.

MAINTENANCE (technical support)

By basing on our extensive and in-depth understanding of the solution, good practices in connection with management of IT services and identification of organizational needs, we have come to devise three packets of services in connection with the provision of operational support to implement the solution.

Managing issues and versions:

As part of our services, we provide full organizational support in the scope of surveillance and control in the area of implemented solution, provided as part of cyclical, quarterly, new producer versions and issues of software, as well as updating service initiatives.

The scope of works in the area of managing quarterly issues and versions include:

  1. Review of new versions of system and providing analysis of recommendation and impact on desired process and workflows within the organization;
  2. Services in the scope of administering sandboxes, as well as testing services, both, in the scope of functionality tests, and user acceptance tests (UAT), and also regression tests;
  3. Reconfiguration of the system by adapting the environment to changes;
  4. Verification of the stability and correctness of the production environment following new system implementation.

Moreover, as part of these tasks, we provide ongoing monitoring and control of updating patches, status of submitted system improvements, as well as any other tasks in connection with the production environment.


Managing change:

The management of change is a fundamental process for an application, a process ensuring balance between the need for implementing changes to IT systems and the requirement of their stable and continuous operation. This process ensures, that the changes are made in accordance with the assumed standard methods, processes, and procedures, in order to attain efficiency and effectiveness of implemented changes. In an eventuality of there being systems, which are validated, this process is indispensable for letting to maintain the system in validated state. Validation Leader is committed to the assessment and recommendation of modifications, exercising control over the necessary documentation and testing.

Our consultants guarantee that the process shall be a complete, thorough, and include the main stages in connection with:

  • initiation of changes and registration of Request For Change
  • estimation of influence, costs, benefits, and some in-depth analysis of the risk in connection with the suggested changes,
  • management and coordination of tests and of the implementation of changes,
  • monitoring and reporting of the change implementation process.

Lines of technical support:

In order to ensure the quality and progression of work, efficient and rapid reaction to calls, data security and competent consultancy in the area of the implemented solution in accordance with the needs of your company, we provide a dedicated line of support based on three-step model from the ITIL library.

Helpdesk – 1st line of support

Helpdesk is first line of help and support in the day-to-day operation of the system users. The acceptance, resolving and monitoring of applications are the main tasks of this level of support. Contact with the user takes place predominantly through email, communicator and telephone. Our Helpdesk consultants command the knowledge on the condition of fundamental system components, e.g. failures or other occurrences. Technical knowledge, very good skills of communication, as well as the familiarity of foreign languages are the main advantages of our team. The majority of the problems submitted directly to the consultants is not overly complicated, and for their resolving all that is needed, for instance, is the setting up of a new password or else change of authorisations. They require a very good management of contact with user and monitoring of application status. If a given problem is more complicated, then, it is transferred to subsequent lines of support.

Managing incidents – 2nd line of support

At this level, the main task for the consultants is to operate and manage more complicated problems related to functioning application and possible support in managing the configuration of end user software in the scope of, for example, compatibility of web browsers and system software. As part of Incident Management, we also take care of changes and applications of business users, which require reconfiguration of system parameters or of other functionalities to its current version.

3rd line of support

The ultimate level of technical support is mainly involved in the handling of very complex queries and system errors, resulting from incidents and broadly understood problem management. It’s an activity geared at the prevention of the occurrence of incidents and minimizing the influence of incidents, which cannot be prevented. At this level, our team co-operates directly with supplier of software and ensures efficient communication in the scope of defining and managing changes for implemented system or modules.


In order to ensure top quality of implemented solution, we carry out a number of tests of functional acceptance, integration and user. This process is supported by the experienced Test Leaders, who are responsible for the drafting of relevant documentation (Plan and Report from Tests), as well as for coordination of the tests stage.

We also perform validation of the system with recourse to the GxP provisions, in accordance with the regulations, that are binding in a given sector. The scope of validation is individually adapted to performed risk analysis. The validation is up to a delegated Validation Leader, who works as part of the eCValidation team (being part of the eConsulting structures).

In case of validation, Validation Leader joins the implementation team, during the course of setting of specific requirements with client, and is responsible for, both, drafting of indispensable validation documentation, as well as strict co-operation with the project team in the scope of drafting of technical documentation and quality procedures required at the stage of system maintenance. Validation Leader may perform the role of Test Leader.


The team of eConsulting technical consultants is present throughout the entire life cycle of implementation, by providing support or performing specific tasks also in the areas related to integration.

System integration

  • Integration with user and identity management systems (Identity Management, Active Directory, SSO (Single Sign-On, etc.).
  • Integration with data bases
  • Integration with billing systems, customer service and sales support, etc.

Migration of data and contents

  • Drafting of plan and completion of data migration (organisational structures, user lists, historical data etc.)
  • Drafting and performance of migration of contents (training materials, ready-made solutions, external content etc.)
  • Services of verification and testing of migration
  • Throughout the entire process, the eConsulting consultants are in continuous co-operation with the client’s representatives, by advising and suggesting the best possible solutions, and they also carry out the process of training of organisation’s staff


45+ consultants
leader of CSOD services
200+ obtained CSOD certificates
full coverage of certificates issued by CSOD
the biggest division of CSOD consultants in Poland
performance of projects in validated environment
operation in compliance with GxP
provision of support to the world’s biggest corporations
integration with the various HR systems
top quality of service, based on individual approach to every single client


The CSOD services we are targeting to big and medium sized enterprises. The scope of our activity is global in its nature. We deal with the companies, located in the territorial areas, such as: Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and USA. We have got plentiful experience in working with companies representing pharmaceutical and medical sectors, which are the beneficiaries of our projects from the very beginning of our business activity. Right now, our HCM offer is targeted to the following sectors:





Public administration

Transport and logistics



Energy industry



Configuration of the CSOD LMS Portal

CSOD implementation at the client's premises from the cosmetics industry

Change management & CSOD validation

CSOD technical support

Managing patches around CSOD


We have got over 30 highly qualified consultants, which makes us the biggest division in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe providing the CSOD services. 

Implementational and integrational unit: project managers – co-ordinators of services – business analysts – team leaders – integration consultants – implementation consultants.

Integration and development team: programmers and testers


Make full use of your HCM platform. Make us the partner of your success!

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